Vape shop in Cincinnati

Whether you're new to Cincinnati, OH or you've lived here your whole live, Puff Smoke Shop wants to be the only vape shop you'll ever need. In addition to a friendly, professional staff who know the product inside and out, we carry Cincinnati's finest selection of e-juices in over 150 varieties. Stop by and see what turns you on today. 

Elevate your experience

Glass blowing is an art form dating back hundreds of years. It's rare to find a practitioner of it nowadays, but a handful of people in the Cincinnati, OH area are keeping this tradition alive. Puff Smoke Shop carries an exquisite selection of glass water pipes and vaping accessories made by local artists. Stop in today and find your next conversation piece!
Traditional vape shop products in Cincinnati, OH

A flavor for every mood 

People who switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to vaping often report feeling like a whole new world has opened up to them. With over 150 varieties of e-juice to choose from, Puff Smoke Shop is ready to open that world up to you. Enjoy pina colada today, Girl Scout cookie tomorrow, peach smoothie the next day, and after that? The choice is yours!

For the traditionalists

Vaping isn't everyone's thing and Puff Smoke Shop has no problem with that whatsoever. If you're going to stick to smoking tobacco, treat yourself to the highest quality tobaccos out there, such as American Spirit, Grizzly, Hempwick and Backwood. These fine tobaccos are pure, natural and untouched by formaldehyde, acetone and other harmful chemicals. 

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