Hookah in Cincinnati

Hookahs and water pipes are a time-honored way to enjoy smoking tobacco that offers a crisper, more intense flavor than traditional cigarettes or cigars. Puff Smoke Shop has a vast selection of hookah pipes in a multitude of sizes, perfect for sharing the experience with like-minded individuals, or partaking solo. Stop by today, take a look, then take one home with you!

Beyond the bottom line 

All businesses are in business to make money. Puff Smoke Shop is no exception. However, we also strive to provide our customers with the best service in the Cincinnati, OH area. Our staff are constantly reading trade publications and industry blogs to stay on top of new innovations and advances in vaping technology, so we can pass it on to you!
Traditional hookah for supply in Cincinnati, OH

Every customer a repeat customer

When you purchase a product from Puff Smoke Shop, be it a vial of e-juice, a vaporizer, or fine tobacco product, we have two objectives in mind. First, we want to ensure that you thoroughly understand how to enjoy your purchase properly and safely. Second, we want to see you come back again, and count you among our circle of friends! 

We know what's important to you

You've had a long hard day at work or school. The only thing on your mind is a relaxing puff on your e-cigarette, but you're out of e-juice and your vape shop is closed already. What's up with that? At Puff Smoke Shop, we asked ourselves that same question. That's why we decided to stay open until 11 PM Monday through Saturday, 10 PM on Sunday.

Vaping can help you quit tobacco. Ask how. 513-620-7051

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